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Natural Medicine consultation ~ enjoy a happy & healthy life with PCOS!  

Curious about using herbs, nutritional supplements and natural foods to manage acne, hair issues, infertility & menstrual irrregularity? PCOS Consultations is your opportunity to take advantage of Dr. Dunne’s professional expertise and personal experience to make great strides in your own progress to excellent health, emotional resilience and spiritual peace.

Meet Dr. Dunne

Hi! It’s good that you are here! I am a woman living with PCOS, enjoying my post menopausal wisdom and strength. I am also a naturopathic physician and I have individually treated hundreds of women with PCOS throughout my career. At this point it is clear to me that PCOS is not a dreadful disease. Although it often feels this way, PCOS is not the worst thing that can happen to a woman... learn more!

 New View on PCOS

We are excited to introduce you to yourself as an Uncommon Woman, with PCOS as your POWER source! I am here to help you experience PCOS as a powerful positive in your life . As a woman who has lived on the PCOS-continuum for 60 years, I can assure you that the rewards of self love and self care are fulfilling beyond your wildest dreams. I want you to stop struggling to “be a normal woman”. You ARE normal! learn more!

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In consultation with me, we will identify your strengths and build on them, while deepening your understanding and skilled management of your challenges. Women living with PCOS have certain strengths and advantages, as well as some challenges and vulnerabilities, all of which can be optimized with education and support.

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PCOS Consultations  
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