You Can Change Your Mind!8 October, 2015
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Alrighty, so we know that high androgen women have a little tendency to anxiety and depression. Annoying but true. Now that I am older, and have had time to see what these experiences do and most importantly DON'T do in my life, I enjoy reworking these energies, taking the power and transforming it to something that serves me better. The Upward Spiral is a great book on the brain-chemistry of these experiences and how we can choose to extract ourselves from the sticky yuck and make something GOOD happen instead! No special equipment, no appointment needed!  

If you don't need to read a whole book to get the idea, here are the main points:

1. Ask "What am I grateful for?" If nothing comes immediately to mind, keep thinking- turns out it's the thinking about gratitude that changes your brain!

2. Label the negative emotions- give those feelings their names. It turns out knowing enough about something to name it let's your mind chill out about it. We are all more anxious about the unknown.

3. Decide. Just, make a choice. Whatever it is, landing on a decision, even a decision not to think about this anymore, soothes the mind. As one author writes,"Go for "good enough, instead of Best Decision Ever Made On Earth." That'll work!

4. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs. We need touch. Try for 20-30 second hugs; science proves it, that's how long it takes fro your mind to catch up with body experience of connection, peace and pleasure.