Consulting with Dr. Dunne

Hi! We are excited to get to know you, and have the opportunity to share safe, effective and cost-effective recommendations to further your self-care. I will sketch out for you below the policies and usual sequence of events that make up a consultation with Dr. Dunne. 

TogetherDr. Dunne’s consultation service is comprised of four phases:

1) Initial Contact and Data Collection (see recommended lab tests)

2) Initial Interview and Records Review,

3) Data Analysis and Recommendation Development, and

4) Recommendation Review.

Additionally you have the highly recommended option of a 6-8 weeks follow up consultation to review your experience with the recommendations, and allow Dr. Dunne to adjust your recommendations according to your experiences.

There is no charge for the initial phase; Phases 2 and 3 are pre-paid at the time of your Initial Interview and the cost is $250.00. Phase 4 also costs $250 and is paid prior to your Recommendation Review. Follow up sessions are based on a $125.00/hour fee schedule and are typically 50 to 60 minutes. Any PCOS-related products you may decide to purchase and the cost of shipping those supplements are in addition to the fees for Dr. Dunne’s time spent either with you in consultation or while developing recommendations for your specific circumstances.


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If any of this is not clear and you have questions, please do email me for help at


All best wishes,
Tassia T

Administrative Assistant

"I teach high-androgen women with PCOS to maximize the many advantages we are born with, and to minimize aspects that cause distress"



Regarding Insurance:

Dr. Dunne is licensed as a primary care physician in the state of Montana. A number of different insurance sources have policies that would reimburse for her services to Montana clients; it is less likely that would be the case for clients living outside Montana. We do not provide insurance billing services; however, we can provide each client with a complete invoice, including appropriate diagnostic codes, for submission to an insurance company, on request.