Eat Right for Your Blood Type2 October, 2015
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The Blood Type Diet has been my #1 prescription for patients ready to look at how food choices effect their health. For women with PCOS, specific benefits include weight loss from reduction in fat as well as the "water weight" we hold from the inflammation caused by foods that are not complementary with our genetic 'types'. Dr. D'Adamo's work certainly arouses the ire of some folks who for some reason can not absorb the excellent basic and advanced research science that contribute to our understanding of why food chemistry is or is not a best choice for an individual. Most of my patients are less interested in science and mostly interested in feeling and functioning well. This is how to do that! Find out your blood type- O, A, B or AB; and find out if you are Rh positive or negative. You can learn this if you donate blood to the RedCross, or if you have access to prenatal records- this testing is done for all pregnant women receiving prenatal care. If you don't have the info from these sources, you can ask your doc to type your blood, or you can ourchase an at-home blood typing kit from Once you have that you are ready to go!  The October 4yourtype newsletter provides a fantastic collection of resources to make getting started extra easy:

I ask people to give it 6 weeks; 100% of the time people who follow it come back saying "THIS IS IT! This is how I will eat the rest of my life- I feel fantastic!" And, 100% of the time, they don't, of course, stick with the new way of eating... and, their symptoms come back. That's when the real learning begins. It's not a coincidence, we aren't imagining it. When we eat as our genetic inheritance suggests, our bodies begin to work more efficiently, and improvement in all aspects of body, mind and spirit are a reliable benefit.