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~ The Stages of Change ~

The Essential Skills of Uncommon Women Series

is a tool box full of the practices and proficiencies that women of uncommon strength and character call their own. I am sure that you have already developed a number of these features. Life always provides opportunities to expand our skill set! I want to show you how you can use the competencies you already own to gain more skill and attain each of your goals, with ever greater ease.

Do you need to lose fat? Exercise more? Does your mood have too much power in your day? Change is inevitable, it happens whether we want it or not. Choosing what, how and when you will change is essential skill Number One! Your free gift, The Stages of Change, is a proven program that teaches you how to turn what you already know into even more.

Remember driving to an important appointment, at an address you have never been to before? The next few times you drive that route, you are reminded of something good – you got there!- and you reconfirm that competency with every trip. Repeat that route often enough and your original experience of it as a challenge, changes. It becomes an easy trip you can make while thinking of something else - like, a different, better route to get to where you want to be! The Stages of Change is a scientifically proven method of assessing where you are in relation to accomplishing a desired change, and guidance for moving through the process of change in your own time, with effective support and information you can immediately put to work, for you!

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