Dr. DunneMy Vision… 

is of a world in which we are all interested in, curious about and supportive of human diversity, and the systemic well being of the entire planet is everyone’s fundamental priority.

My Mission…

is to provide reliable and effective guidance for women seeking education and examples of embodiment as they create healthy habits for themselves and their families.

My Goal…

is to facilitate your efforts at self care, by providing an authentic example of well-being and offering safe, effective and cost-effective recommendations so that your walk on your own personal path is rewarding as you successfully optimize your life experiences. It is my intention to provide inspiration with real-life examples and empowering recommendations that suit your unique circumstances.

I have developed special expertise in all phases of women’s health, including hormonal issues that impact menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, birth and lactation, polycystic ovary syndrome and menopause. I especially enjoy supporting parents to become skillful and confident guardians of their children’s health.

I have practiced in a variety of roles as a health care provider for 40 years and have excellent collegial relationships with all manner of other care providers, from practitioners of yoga and body work, to traditional Asian and Native American medicine, to naturopathic physicians and conventional medical doctors in every specialty. I am dedicated to facilitating your health care needs, regardless of where those needs may best be met.

I am participating actively in the transformation of health care into an integrated system where the patient is at the center of all decisions and behaviors and everyone participates as part of a functional team.


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