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Meet Dr. Dunne

Hi! It’s good that you are here! I am woman living with PCOS, enjoying my post menopausal wisdom and strength. I am also a naturopathic physician and I have individually treated hundreds of women with PCOS throughout my career. I have raised a magnificent daughter of whom I am immensely proud, and she is also a thriving woman who has PCOS. Together she and I have learned and practiced and struggled and danced our way through the challenges of PCOS. We are happy living examples of what women can do with accurate information and proper support. We want you to thrive too! 

A Vibrant Mother Daughter PairPCOS Consultations is your opportunity to take advantage of my professional and personal experiences to make great strides in your own progress to excellent physical health, spiritual peace and emotional resilience. When you are ready to focus on your own self care, when you want to develop your capacities to take care of yourself and be available at your best for everything that matters to you, a consultation with me can clarify your situation, economize your efforts and accelerate your progress to reliable well-being. 

PCOS research and management options have grown exponentially in recent decades. We have come a long way in the right directions, as both patients and health care practitioners, in understanding the nature of this condition, and how to manage the challenges it presents. PCOS does not have to be experienced as a dreadful diagnosis. Although it often feels this way, PCOS is not the worse thing that can happen to a woman. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, terribly awkwardly named, is what we call one way of being human. Like having red hair, pale skin and freckles, or being extraordinarily tall, - or for that matter, being extraordinarily short! -having PCOS means we were born with certain vulnerabilities, certain strong tendencies.  Like every other human being, we have things to get over, things to minimize, things to optimize, develop and celebrate, thanks to being born with our particular genetic inheritance.

My daughter and I have lived aware of our PCOS diagnoses for a couple decades now. We have met the challenges and we are here to tell you the great news – PCOS brings us rewards! PCOS means we have characteristics of body, mind and spirit that we would not trade away, that are essential to the core of our best selves, AND WE WANT THE SAME JOY FOR YOU! I will be delighted to meet with you; let’s get started!

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Dr. Dunne offers special expertise in treating PCOS.

"I want you to know you may not need a single prescription drug, surgery or high-tech medical procedure to overcome PCOS. You can free yourself from most of the ill effects of PCOS with the right diet, regular exercise and effective stress management."


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PCOS Consultations  
Box 9184
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