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The Distortion in the Mirror

Body Dysmorphic Disorder can be an issue for women with PCOS, regardless of actual body size. - More...

The Beauty of Ms. Harnaan Kaur

I have been writing about the value of seeing the various advantages and strengths we enjoy as high androgen women, and we've acknowledged that most of the distress we feel has to do with the cosmetic effects of a high androgen system. This week I am sharing the story of Harnaan Kaur, a high-androgen woman who embraces - More...

Our UnCommon Strength

Research into the genetic origins of our physiology describes how the significant benefits we enjoy as individuals also improves life for our families and communities. Every human society has always had a few women who have strong, lean bodies and a reliably longer lifespan. Part of that historical advantage came from - More...

Make Friends with your Fat!

Women with PCOS are no fatter than the rest of the population, but fat has big consequences for us. - More...

Society Evolves!

Dear UnCommon Women ~ I am struggling to post today's Weekly Wellness Guide. Discussing politics or religion is not my purpose here. But. In the face of yet another horrific mass slaying in an American church, of innocent people, beautiful, generative, contributing people, in their home of worship, I cannot pretend to - More...

Minimize Toxin Exposure, Maximize Fertility

Bisphenol-A (BP-A) is a toxin used in packaged food containers. This potent hormone disruptor can crash fertility - More...

Licorice Potent Medicine

Licorice root tea is a potent anti-androgen for women with PCOS. Herbal medicines can be safe and effective medicine for adjusting PCOS-related hormone levels. - More...

Fuel your Mitochondrial Metabolism!

Research suggests that women with PCOS are more likely to have healthy full term babies when mitochondrial function is supported. Mitochondria are the energy-producing engines in our cells. Fertility scientists are making headlines with new technologies that try to imitate ovarian cell energy production by surgically m - More...

21st Century Fertility Science

Babies! Biological clocks tick while scientists create new technologies to assist pregnancy. Human experiments are underway and not everyone is comfortable with the speed of change. - More...

Are Oral Contraceptives right for you?

Oral Contraceptives effect on fertility of high-androgen women with PCOS - More...

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