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You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman

We are natural, uniquely perfect, normal human females impacted by a grotesquely unnatural and abnormal environment. - More...

Is D-chiro-inositol a good choice for you?

D-chiro-inositol supplementation harms the quality of your eggs. Don't use this product if you wish to have a healthy pregnancy. - More...

Why Have A Consult?

Individualized plans for well being are rarely possible in a standard doctor/patient relationship. - More...

Essetial oil as a hormone balancer.

Powerful Western Red Cedar may be an ally of UnCommon Women with PCOS - More...

Get Real!

Each of us offers the unique beauty of our inner and outer selves to the world. The world needs to get real! - More...

You Can Change Your Mind!

Anxiety and depression are challenges for many women with PCOS. We can all learn how to be in charge of our emotional lives. - More...

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Food choices guided by information about your genetic inheritance are always beneficial. - More...

Pregnancy Basics for PCOS

Women with PCOS are more likely to have healthy, full term babies when these habits are well established. - More...

Male Fertility: We Are In This Together

Infertility rates for men are equal to those for women, and for many of the same reasons. - More...

Intuitive Eating

Research now documents the success you can count on with mindful eating, following your inner knowing regarding what how much and when to eat, for your own well being. - More...

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